Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Upon Starting This Blog

This blog, as the title implies, is intended as a medium for espousing my opinions on Zionism and Aliya. The title of the blog is actually taken from the title of this interesting "Subliminal" song:

[Lyrics of the song.]

Unfortunately, it seems that in the past I’ve started many blogs and haven't gotten around to writing in them much, although for my "Places to Go" blog I initially got two contributing writers. If you have anything to say to further the Zionist cause feel free to become one of the blog contributors.

Also, as you may have suspected, all the colors on this blog have some significance. The blue words on a white background is obviously representative of the Israeli flag, gold is representative of the Menorah that was the symbol of the Jewish people in ancient times, and is featured on the official national emblem, and green is the color we must don to protect G-d's Land.


  1. The only tzionim left today are the frum ones. The children of all the original kibbutznik secular olim have left the medina, and much of the country runs on an empty moral compass, unaware why it exists. Either the DL take over or this dream of the medina isn't going to last much longer.

  2. Well, yeah, that's kind of why it's called "hatzioni ha'acharon". Sure, the Religios Zionists are the only ones around who actually see some sort of purpose to being in Israel...and we (i.e. The Settlers for example) are the ones who are attacked on every side. Like it says, "ארץ ישראל נקנית ביסורין". It's true. G-d knows whether the chilonim will stay in Tel Aviv forever or if they'll decide things are calmer in America. And American Jewry is just going to become another "Alexandria" in regards to it's importance in the Jewish world. Hopefully we will, in fact, be the final inheritors of Zion. Perhaps this is just another way of Israel spitting out those who do not serve g-d. Everyone knows, Israel has some terrible regurgitation issues at times..